ATC Operations


Our goal is to guarantee high levels and standards of air traffic control in the entire Brazilian virtual airspace. The execution of the following recommendations is mandatory. Users not following them will be kindly asked to leave the ATC position. Check the following:

1 - Controllers should be always able to manage all IVAC functions and tools, and also be aware of information contained into software manual.
2 - All vitual ATC must correctly fill in the ATIS information. Instructions on how to fill it can be found here
3 - English is the ICAO standard language and also IVAO offical language. However, Portuguese usage is allowed inside Brazilian airspace. Naturally, all virtual ATC are encouraged, especially the ones willing to assume positions into international airports, TMAs and ACCs, to be able to use standard aeronautical English communications.
4 - All virtual ATC must use standard phraseology while online.
5 - Beginners are encouraged to read about and request training in order to understand specific procedures for the desired location, prior to connecting. In case of doubts, feel free to contact FIR Chiefs, as well as ATC/Training Departments Staff.
6 - It is mandatory for virtual ATC to use official and current aeronautical charts while online.

- For the sake of better efficiency and coordination between adjacent virtual ATC units, the correct usage of Flight Strips is mandatory by all controllers.

*Attention: Besides the above topics, it is mandatory that all controllers follow the Operational Procedures of each ATC position in order to fulfill their requirements. The exam briefings available at our website are a great material to understand the requirements.

GCA - Guest Controller Approval

IVAO Brazil is a member of Guest Controller Approval (GCA) program in according to IVAO R & R 5.1.7. Any IVAO member who isn’t a member of Brazil Division and wishes to control in brazilian position must be at least ADC rating and will be submitted to a theoretical-practical evaluation according to the current rating.

During the evaluation will be verified:

- Ability to communicate in Portuguese and English;
- Knowledge of local standard phraseology based on MCA 100-16;
- Knowledge of local regulations based on ICA 100-37 and ICA 100-12;
- Knowledge of the procedures adopted by the Brazilian Division.

To maintain the GCA the member must:

- Keep the status active;
- Maintain an exemplary conduct;
- Control at least 4 hours per month.

Brazil Division restrict the right to withdraw the GCA at any time if the member doesn’t respect the restrictions imposed or behaves outside the spirit of the division. Any member that is observed controlling in the Brazil Division and doesn’t have GCA will be disconnected immediately.

To request the GCA of IVAO Brazil, send an e-mail to

Have a nice control!