IVAO Brazil – Getting Started

Beginner Support and Training Sessions

One of IVAO's main goals is to provide a highly realistic simulation. In order to achieve that, it is crucial that every member studies and tries to improve his aviation knowledge each day. We have an entire department focused only on providing training sessions, exams, manuals/tutorials and helping new members.


Here in IVAO we have different ratings, which are obtained after successful theoretical and/or practical exams. Those ratings represent the member's knowledge, abilities, and prove his dedication and commitment to virtual aviation. Besides that, as an ATC, higher ratings allow a member to control important positions, such as São Paulo Approach and Curitiba Center. To see a complete list of the ratings click here.

To start, click here and take a look at our Flight Academy.

Awards and Events

Besides training sessions and exams, IVAO encourages its members, either pilots, ATCs or staffs, to interact promoting a series of online events throughout the year.

To celebrate and register the presence during a given event, sometimes we issue an award. The rules to obtain an award may vary. To get more information about it please click here. Besides during events, a member may also get an award because of his contribution to the network, either with a bright idea, showing the true Spirit of IVAO, among others (see more).


We have some specific software to allow the connection between virtual pilots and air traffic controllers.

IVAP (IVAO Virtual Pilot Client)

Software dedicated to PILOTS only. It connects your flight simulator to our network servers. We have versions available for MS Flight Simulator 2002, 2004, X, Prepar3D and X-IVAP for X-Plane.

MTL (Multiplayer Traffic Library)

MTL is a library of textures and aircraft paints so that you can see other traffics in a more realistic way. A basic package is included during the IVAP installation. However, we do recommend that you download the entire MTL package.

IVAC (IVAO Virtual ATC Client)

Software dedicated to AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS only. With IVAC, you are able to connect in a specific position and control virtual flights in your area. Highly detailed and inspired by the European radars, it has all the resources you need to manage the virtual air traffic.

TS 2 (TeamSpeak 2)

Voice communication is very important, both in real and virtual aviation. TeamSpeak 2 is the approved software for voice communications, and is automatically installed during IVAP and IVAC installation. Please notice that we do not use TS 3 (TeamSpeak 3) yet.

To download these software, click here


After registration, you will receive two passwords:
- IVAN Password: password used to connect to the IVAO network through the approved software (f.e. IVAC, IVAP, TeamSpeak 2);;
- Website Password: password used to access restricted areas of the IVAO website/forum.

Rating Transfer from other networks or real pilot/ATC

If you are a pilot or air traffic controller in real aviation, or are joining us from another network, you might be suitable to have a rating transfer (automatic rating upgrade without taking exams).
This is a resource offered by IVAO to validate the knowledge you already have and to encourage you to begin new and more advanced studies. For more information, visit the Rating Transfer Service at IVAO-BR Academy. Click here