IVAO Brazil – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Im not registered at IVAO yet and I don´t know where I have to go to in order to get my account

Then you can register at http://www.ivao.aero/members/person/register.htm. The system says you cannot register? It´s probably because you already have an account at IVAO, if it´s the case, please contact the division Membership Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator at or (where XX is the two letter code of the division, like BE for Belgium - http://www.ivao.aero/divisions/divisions.asp) and they will reactivate your account so you can use your original account. If you belong to an inactive division please contact members@ivao.aero

2. I have been a member of IVAO for quite a while, but after a period of inactivity I can´t log in anymore

Members that have been inactive (not connected) to the IVAO network as pilot or ATC for a few months, are classified as being "inactive". This means that they can no longer log on to the network and they no longer appear in the member list. Inactivation is an automatic process, the member´s data are still available in the database, but they are no longer shown. If you can remember your ID, the solution is very easy: just go to this page http://www.ivao.aero/members/person/details.asp?Id=xxxxxx and replace the "XXXXXX" with your ID. Reactivation will be automatically done within 15 minutes. If you can´t remember your password, go to the password reminder page at http://www.ivao.aero/members/person/password.htm enter your VID and your password will be mailed to the e-mail address stated in your personal details. If you don´t remember your VID, send a message to the Members Department at members@ivao.aero or XX-mc@ivao.aero or XX-mac@ivao.aero (where XX is the two letter code of your division) with your name and surname, e-mail used at registration and they will send your ID as soon as possible.

For any problem with our Teamspeak servers, please check this F.A.Q.: http://forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=213400.0 Welcome back to IVAO!

3. I have created two accounts on IVAO and I want to keep only one and update my hours from my old account to the second one, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Just send your two IDs to members@ivao.aero. They will delete the newer account and add your hours to the old account.

4. I should get an award but I didn´t receive it, why?

In that case, please contact members@ivao.aero. They will verify it for you. For divisional awards, please contact directly the division concerned.

5. How can I change my e-mail?

If you need to change your e-mail send a request to members@ivao.aero with the following information. Subject; E-mail change VID (Vid is your ID#) In the mail please include; reason for changing your e-mail address, old and new e-mail address. (the word IVAO can not be in your e-mail)(staff members must send their request from their staff e-mail)

Except if you are in the following divisions: FR, US, MA, CL, BR, ID, NL, RU, CH, CO, VE, DE, ES, TH, CZ, AT, BY, HU, IT, RO, SK, UA, GB, BE and GR. Indeed, if you are member of one of the Division above, you should contact your division staff.

6. My hours have not been updated on my account? Is this normal?

Hours, as said in the pilot/ATC record, are updated NEXT day at 1200z. This is the reason why we can´t see the hours added just after our disconnection of the net. If a pilot/ATC is connected at 1200z, previous hours will be added next day following the same criteria as said before.

It is also possible that a pilot (this case only applies to pilots) stays inactive a lot of time (i.e. in the ramp or in flight with pause). In this case, the system considers that the pilot is sandbagging hours and they will not be added to the log. If this is the case, before 1200z, we can see a note in the "Staff comments".

PS: In case of server problems, the hours may not be updated at all.

7. How can I change my division?

According to rule 4.1.6 Upon initial registration, members will be asked to choose a division that they wish to join. A member may request a division transfer at any time, however all transfers are subject of approval by the members prospective division and the Membership Department.

Send request to xx-hq@ivao.aero yy-hq@ivao.aero with CC to members@ivao.aero (in only one mail from your e-mail that is listed in your profile).

Replace XX with the 2-letter code of the target (new) division Replace YY with the 2-letter code of your present division (information only)

In the SUBJECT LINE include Division Transfer and your ID number Use only English if unable please contact your division staff.

WE will not process any transfer with no ID in the subject line.

In case you have a pending practical exam, please finish the exam first or request cancellation from your assigned examiner. Only one transfer is allowed in one year (only one transfer request per 12 month period.)

8. I lost my passwords, how can I get them?

You have to resquest passwords via this link: http://ivao.aero/members/person/password.htm" target="_blank">http://ivao.aero/members/person/password.htm

You should be able to connect on IVAN, 15 minutes after the request.

9. Who may I contact if I have further/other questions?

Please, send an e-mail to members@ivao.aero. If you are trying to contact a specific person, please look up the personal e-mail address on the Membership Staff List (including both HQ and Division Membership Staff): http://www.ivao.aero/staff/department.asp?Id=m&all=yes